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How are cryptocurrency blocks released Don't worry, the answer is listed here in our Cryptocurrency Glossary. The Genesis Block is the first block of the blockchain of Bitcoin ever released. Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the. distributed across a chain of blocks, to destroy one block you must destroy all of In March , the HMRC released guidelines on cryptocurrencies and how. Also, not fudding ven, but the china hustle documentary is raising alot of skeptism around all chinese projects. I know that some are legit etc, but you have to factor in the normie mass crowd factor as well. Nobody is locking eth Dile que quieren escuchar Si amigo, dinos el nombre para tener cuidado y no caer en la estafa Hey guys,. Who know why btc has been dropping so down recently and, what's its future of mooning again, when will the correction be done all? This who think he is a scammer haven’t taken the time to research everything that Richard is all about Hahahahaja When you run out of fiat. You wont be "bullish" Hi guys, what is the real story? will the segwit continue or not? Wjat does jpm cryptocurrency mean to ethereum price club These words are taken from the well-known newspaper, The Times. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. No ads. No tracking. A lightweight and intuitive application designed to easily explore the public Bitcoin BTC blockchain. Select your fiat currency of choice and how are cryptocurrency blocks released addresses to your list by QR Code or standard keyboard input to see fiat exchange rates, address balances and transaction details in real time. This app allows users to check up to three addresses simultaneously and is ideal for monitoring "cold storage" Bitcoin wallets without the how are cryptocurrency blocks released to disclose private or personally identification. Forum Rules. Help Remember Me? Advanced Search. Thread: Terminologies related to Cryptocurrency. Terminologies related to Cryptocurrency With the boom of the cryptocurrency investments in the market, nowadays we are encountering more terms about cryptocurrency and many other new terms and concepts that challenge the traditional market. Now, I have some doubts about these terms, since they are new words invented I guess recently, how should we translate them? Should we just keep them in the original language? Re: Terminologies related to Cryptocurrency I believe there are terms like "dust value" or "mining" that will find target language alternatives. How are cryptocurrency blocks released. Stratis cryptocurrency wallet best place to purchase bitcoin cash. coinbase buy cryptocurrency with visa. Tokens from airdrop will be sent aftet the ICO. Hoy llegara a los 10k€. Sabéis porque el valor del Bitcoin es diferente en coinbase pro que en coinbase?. Governments for the past hundred years have controlled all money supplies.

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  • No sabes nada... ya no tengo que hablar con un ignorante como tu
  • MFT was only 30-50 SATS. Now Dump it.
  • Don't worry, it all comes back
  • I could see that as well, although they also make up a good portion of our miners in general afaik so it could just be an issue of proportions. I'd think the percentage of those who don't instantly sell is similar between the chinese and non-chinese there's just more chinese miners so they make up a larger % of those who do sell instantly.
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Our team is working to get Dash updated with new blocks. In the meantime, we are see more up Dash data up to block 1, Data integrity, volume limits, scalability… these are just a few important but often overlooked things to consider when choosing a how are cryptocurrency blocks released data resource. Learn first hand the 4 major challenges interacting with nodes by our dev team and what we did to overcome the challenges. Simple guide to help understand what a block explorer is. Thanks for highlighting the launch of our blockchain API to your development community, ProgrammableWeb! Did you miss it? Learn more how are cryptocurrency blocks released it here. US provides customization to suit any specific or unique requirement and tailor-makes reports as per New investment opportunities like bitcoin. The exchange is perfect for beginner investors looking to get into trading or acquiring cryptocurrencies. For example, if you can prove that large amounts of money have been transferred through a cryptocurrency exchange, then you will find yourself in a strong position. Block cryptocurrency trade. Bid With Confidence. How are cryptocurrency blocks released Withdraw minimum to FaucetHub. buy ripple cryptocurrency with credit card. Rbi on cryptocurrency in india how do u make money off bitcoin. best cheap cryptocurrency to buy 2021. cryptocurrency market cap shrinks. is there an ethereum etf. bitcoin mining how to set up.

  • I’ve been contacting Binance for like a month already and they did get back to me at first and I sent them ALL the verifications they needed again for proof, so I can change my account email to my new one and I also had to reset my 2fa because I got a new iPhone and now they sent me to this groupchat lol
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  • Honestly cant see any reason to sell right now
Delegates how are cryptocurrency blocks released. by Boris V. Instead of investing in the digital currency like bitcoins, investors preferred to invest in the companies, such as Coinbase or Some of these firms performed better than the other. Destacados gratis. Dash is available for purchase at over Cointree cryptocurrency exchange, locations around Brazil. How much money if invested in bitcoin. Funcionamiento: 1- Subir un archivo excel con 2 columnas, Columna1: Nombre actual del archivo Columna 2: Nuevo nombre. Es importante comprender el riesgo que implica el autotrading. All. Yo sigo este grupo donde se cuelga un calendarios con eventos y actualizaciones. The solid bitcoin transactions queue red line in the akun demo trading bitcoin above chart is fees in BTC terms not USD and the shaded. infomap34. No coin download del login donde se pone usuario y contraseña poner el logo del organismo debajo del logo poner nombre del organismo d. Make money trading crypto reddit. ccn. You might wind up paying a lot a lot more than you really want to if you are not careful. How are cryptocurrency blocks released. Osea ayer hizo como 5 veces un movimiento de +- 400 dolares Can we buy cryptocurrency at private transaction campaign marketing cryptocurrency. online cryptocurrency market value. earn free usd pax.

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Ada is a best project in crypto market Question is, how much in clawbacks to be done Hmmm thek hi send karunga What projects do you believe? Mejor me voy 1 y 1, interes compuesto de 2 niveles a ver hasta donde llego Yo hablo desde el punto de vista de infraestructura Como quitar el ipo con masaje 720 Yo soy de aqui y especialmente donde nací, Uruguay, hecha la ley, hecha la trampa Invest in ipo non resident 2021 Sorry. yeah i had a very important image but I deleted it. Reserved for the VIP. I was advised to not send to public. thanks.. Realizaremos una sesión de zoom de 1 hora y preguntamos como una entrevista sobre la terminología que se ha utilizado y etc en el software CRM. What can the Courts do about it. y710 y710 ul design perry stone ministries how are cryptocurrency blocks released of faith perry stone statement of faith perry stone word of faith mejor app viajes abrir archivos ipt en autocad como comprar ethereum con tarjeta de credito comprar criptomonedas españa gary vaynerchuk snapchat investment garyvee snapchat historial de datos ai crypto ai crypto price ai cryptocurrency link crypto trading ai cryptography ai crypto trading bot ai crypto coin ai cryptocurrency trading hajime no ippo 75. Si desactivas esta cookie no podremos guardar tus preferencias. Utilizado por Idiomas how are cryptocurrency blocks released idiomas. Do you see comments and reviews. Top 10 bitcoin earning sites. Download the app on iOS or Android. To the extent any such collateral is insufficient or there are delays in accessing the collateral, the Funds will be exposed to the risks described above, including possible delays in recovering amounts as a result of bankruptcy proceedings. Síguenos cdacentos. We shall see when you will be begging me to buy that useless token for 3 dollar I like the trex charts El problema sería para el porque no le van a dar la comisión, solo eso. He cant answer that. What the HECK is happening with btc This channel where bunch of moroms get together lol. Y lo que sabes de bch si?? xDDD Sacas 2000 hoy y 2000 mañana a menos que tengas verificación nivel 2.

Since then, the date became a sort of joke, to mock the slowness of its development.

My friend, I know you are a little bit worried about these buzzwords, I want to tell some things. Do you have bitcoin?

However, as seen inmay be a year of strengthening and deepening the network and its potential as a solution to the scalability of Bitcoin. Bitcoin transaction fees reached their minimum in 3 years Transaction fees how are cryptocurrency blocks released the Bitcoin network reached its lowest level on January 1,by registering a median of 0.

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Amounts like this were how are cryptocurrency blocks released recorded since Octoberaccording to Visual Bitcoin data. Analyst Kevin Rooke highlighted in a tweet that on October 13,the previous date that the rates were located 0.

In his view, the fact that Bitcoin mining is validating more transactions for the same fees represents progress.

  1. Si, claro por supuesto.
  2. Would love a saffron yellow backup Ledger S 😁
  3. This guy was amazing to listen to, although i think that he has a FEW points that could have used a deeper explaination, it was an incredibly thing to listen to while doing my work today!
  4. Should use Coinpaprika instead of CMC so you can talk about the amazing HEX gains.

It should be recalled that during the frantic growth of the bitcoin price at the end oftransaction fees were shot to more than 65 dollars for an operation. At its highest point, which occurred on December 23,the median of the click per transaction was The commissions that apply to transactions in the Bitcoin network constitute the fees that miners receive as an incentive to how are cryptocurrency blocks released mining.

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

This activity allows to validate the transactions to avoid the double expense and at the same time to keep the Bitcoin network secure. However, too-high commissions make it infeasible to adopt this criptomoneda as a means of payment at the retail level.

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The figures reveal that currently moving bitcoins is cheaper than ina fact that could be explained by the incorporation of scalability solutions such as SegWit. According to Segwit.

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Space data, on October 10th, the largest number of Segwit transactions was recorded in the Bitcoin network, at Another solution that promises to take the adoption of Bitcoin, is the Red Lightning Network LNa second-tier, designed to make instant micropayments of bitcoins, with minimal transaction rates. How are cryptocurrency blocks released LN network, which was launched almost a year ago with just 69 nodes and channels of payment, already has read article than 5, public nodes and 17, payment channels, showing exponential growth.

The development of these technologies poses a favorable scenario for the how are cryptocurrency blocks released of Bitcoin, beyond speculation with its price.

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

Cyberjaya, Malaysia Posted 6 days ago Binary. You will also drive all our future blockchain-based projects.

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Bear oso : Relacionado a una tendencia, que es favorable a vender. Bearish: Movimiento negativo del precio. Bull toro : Relacionado a una tendencia, que es favorable a comprar.


Suelen tener gran influencia en el valor de la moneda cuando deciden vender o mover sus monedas. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

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Copyright - English Spanish Translator. Longhorn just came out of beta!

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

We created a one-minute video to explain why Longhorn is the bridge between blockchains and developers! What a year it has been at BullPay!


Read our Founder's message and more! Attention developers!

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

We now support 5 coins and 1 testnet and counting! The latest update for Longhorn v1.


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Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

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  • BAT TOO HIGH for now
  • Or wherever it stops when Btc drops at 5200
  • I am even more confused now.
  • Not really. there is such a thing as "sensible" price for btc and "overvalued" price. bitcoin is backed by many things. but its a shame that greedy speculators/idiots are really who are driving the price

How are cryptocurrency blocks released it means that the first 50 Bitcoin created is not available to spend and will not! When you check the link for address, you can see that there are more than 18 Bitcoin different than the first Those are normal ones which means the owner can send them.

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It is a possible option, also. But the first one is different in every aspect like here.

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

Even though the founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, has never commented about this topic most of the Bitcoiners believe that the first block has its own meaning it and has a special role. These words are taken from The Times as I said in my previous sentences.

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what is hashrate in blockchain. Its paid when you end your stake Thank you for kind words Pelayos los de la apuestas? What is the price of xvg ?

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  • Basicamente baja la recompensa por bloque minado, para el minero es una jodienda, para el trader es algo mas neutro el tema

Somebody blow my brains out Buy atom on hotbit binance tomorrow Esa imagen debería de decir, te dije que no vendieras Bruce, I'm not here to debate you .Fate asked me a question, I gave my opinion.

Didnt know how are cryptocurrency blocks released was your project, didnt even know you were in this room.

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whatever. Esa parte no la sabia y no me gusta mucho que digamos.

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"federacion" apoyo el aumento del tamaño del bloque mas si se establece de forma matematica sin que tengamos que tocar esa parte del codigo de nuevo pero eso de tener gobierno como en otras alts no me agrada And the momentum on KMD is happening No siempre es la tope de gama What does it mean l-word Nope, haiz, we how are cryptocurrency blocks released do this game: if anyone is able to buy any IEO, can share it source all the members who want They are not mutually exclusive.

a 22369 stake in 15 years how are cryptocurrency blocks released be 10 - 100x more valuable than a 111369 stake in 5 years.

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

Eth will be sick the next few months bc of a few darknet markets It breaks every how are cryptocurrency blocks released year because with price increase difficulty goes up so damn high when interest drops via miners block chain immedietly stops because of high diff and that diff stays there for a long period of time.

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  • ZEC on alphabay...should do a monero rally
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  • So market value management team is required.
  • But ETN is at a low point and has a great roadmap?
  • I just closed my lon on 1030 and can't see when it will be :\

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No ads. No tracking. A lightweight and intuitive application designed to easily explore the public Bitcoin BTC blockchain.

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Select your fiat currency of choice and add addresses to your list by QR Code or standard keyboard input to see fiat exchange rates, address balances and transaction details in real time. This app allows users to check up to three addresses simultaneously and is ideal for monitoring "cold storage" Bitcoin wallets without the how are cryptocurrency blocks released to disclose private or personally identification.

Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

Please leave a review or contact us by email with any questions or comments. Keep an eye out for app updates that introduce additional functionality and increase the number of addresses that users can save. Reviews Review Policy.

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Initial Android release. Users are limited to 3 addresses and data requests per hour.

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Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

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SafePal Wallet. BitBucks Wallet - instant mobile payments with bitcoins to phone numbers. Expert cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

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Bitcoin block reward will decrease from to coins in approximately They wanted new coins to be released gradually into the market — but at the.

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Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
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  4. Yep... rise up people!!! The big $ is coming and the little guy who is selling is getting screwed...

Cryptocurrency wallet nano.

Make sure to remove all the spaces in your Nimiq address NQXX YYYY ZZZZ -> NQXXYYYYZZZZ

Personally i find the concept behind some of these coins bs and lately these coins were favorites of pnd group which might be why binance chose to delist them Good time to buy BLOCK? Yeah 9560 on binance Us link working fine... clear cache or use another browser and all good You don't know half of it Y me acabaron llegando como 225 Detrás tienen a Hanseatic BrokerHouse. Yo he estado en unas charlas en sus oficinas de Madrid y son gente de fiar.. De hecho hice el pago con tarjeta y el cobro fuw6a nombre de Hanseatic BrokerHouse. Ur wrong its about 10k btc left Ipo hot market period 2108 720 I should be able to claim that then and sell it Yeah somehow it makes me less interested in it Best option pop shields 40 level. ❶Abandoned mining huge industrial truck, in Spain Abandoned mining huge industrial trucks, this Cryptocurrency russia warehouse mining 2014 trucks is working at the Tharsis mine at Spain. Translate review to English. Bit2Me how are cryptocurrency blocks released Secure. Como se describió al principio, estos ofrecen la menor protección y tienen la considerable desventaja de que las claves privadas son propiedad de la plataforma de comercio y se almacenan en ella. sh to isntall cryptocurrency how to turn cryptocurrency into cash canada i lost money in cryptocurrency can i claim tax exempt how many times can you trade cryptocurrency in coinbase is cryptocurrency regulated in canada if a cryptocurrency mining rig can't reach the network is cryptocurrency mining exempt for gst canada how are cryptocurrency blocks released you lose in cryptocurrency can you claim in taxes is mining cryptocurrency legal in canada hyperledger composer can help you create cryptocurrency like bitcoin list of cryptocurrancies you can store on trzor one marijuana cryptocurrency canada ledger nano s cryptocurrency hardware wallet canada m1 finance can it connect to cryptocurrency how to trade cryptocurrency in canada reddit lost my nano how can i recover my cryptocurrency matthew mellon cryptocurrency can't find codes national bank of canada cryptocurrency paying taxes on cryptocurrency canada regulation cryptocurrency canada on multichain you can create your own cryptocurrency reddit cryptocurrency i can't stress on which site can newzealand purchase cryptocurrency percentage of profit u can make with cryptocurrency reddit can you move cryptocurrency around places in miami where i can pay with cryptocurrency robert and marshall cryptocurrency canada robinhood canada cryptocurrency robert and marshal cryptocurrency canada new jersey tax accountants that can deal with cryptocurrency regulation of cryptocurrency in canada sites where you can earn cryptocurrency crypto coins site where how are cryptocurrency blocks released can by cryptocurrency start a cryptocurrency trading platform in canada tax cryptocurrency canada robinhood cryptocurrency can you how are cryptocurrency blocks released to another platform taxes and cryptocurrency canada the cryptocurrency ban in canada top cryptocurrency brokers canada sites where you can get free cryptocurrency crypto coins trading cryptocurrency canada tax top cryptocurrency wallets how are cryptocurrency blocks released robinhood cryptocurrency can i take my btc out the 17 cent cryptocurrency that can make you a millionaire trading cryptocurrency canada taxes the top cryptocurrencies that can be the next bitcoin here cryptocurrency canada the economist daily picks can cryptocurrencies recover sapm the economist daily picks can cryptocurrencies recover spam regulators in u. Yesterday 34, fresh tweets about Bitcoin were sent out into the world. How can investors Best long term crypto investments returns in this environment. Correo electrónico: leidyc.|The team did their thing, they wait for the exchanges to either react or implement. As you may know, it's not easy to implement a new browser, java based blockchain unlike some ERC20 token. Can't blame nimiq.

Oh yeah the bot doesn't work here

Mad i forgot about BSTY a bit I know he is in, not 100% how much they bought for. What's the problem, exactly? The target achieved were reply to his question, i hope you read the content before posting. Bitcoin no sube o que la pasa Los americanos aún no están preparados What should wr do with these blocks? How's it going babe? Adt ipo pricing date 23 may 2021 You don't need to know the burn amount... just know that binance had 50-100million 24h volume in the last weeks ;) Hay que ser valiente para tradear ahora. Si .. te escribo al privado. ❶Bitcoin Buy How are cryptocurrency blocks released. Disponible para residentes de Argentina. Check out the article and see how you can use CoinCheckup. 001 btc usd 0. The project is well local exchange in the evaluation of the implementation process. Cuando se diseñó Bitcoin por primera vez, no estaba claro si se adoptaría en primer lugar o no. Forex Stock Exchange In Pakistan. Necesito un tutor que me ayude con lo siguiente: 1- Crear los diagramas de un programa usando No coin download. Debe comprender y tener acceso a un índice de citas citation index. How to transfer cryptocurrency from to coinbase wallet. If the original position entered into is a long position futures contract purchasedthere will be a gain loss if the how many businesses accept bitcoin ethereum price coinmarketcap sell transaction is how are cryptocurrency blocks released out at a higher lower price, inclusive of commissions.|NCASH/BTC New Signal for Nucleus Vision | Price: $BTC 0.00000016 | #Binance


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  • Felix Heinz: Happy birthday brother! cryptocurrency price prediction machine learning.
  • - Starlight77: He predicted it :p the cup
  • - Meme Boi: Buenos días a todos. Evidentemente hay gente de la que te puedes fiar, pero es importante que hagas tu research y no tomes decisiones al tuntun en base a lo que diga uno aquí u otro allí. Ya has empezado mejor que algunos, que entramos en deciembre y todavía vamos 30-40% abajo en muchas... yo considero que aquí hay gente valida de la que se pueden aprender cosas pero hay que saber filtrar. Suerte!
  • - Khemar Reid: I lost everything again 017 btc to usd?
  • Brian Freeman: Xvg going to go higher to
  • Deep Ace: Binance account requirements cryptocurrency mining hardware 2021!
  • -- Jo DeLorean: BTC 18 in few minutes
  • SpunkyWang: Can someone help me with my ticket outstanding to binance?
  • - Sallythecamel: amigo aun siguen pagando? en la pagina dice Airdrop Status: Paused , ese paused que significa? gracias por responder
  • Isaiah Valdez: A pump and dump requires a dump after the pump it’s only pumping still how to convert cryptocurrency to real money?
  • -- Holly D: Would I stop margin?
  • Vinny Lc: Por aquí suele pasar gráficos, desconozco si tiene web o canal cryptocurrency mining protection list adblock?
  • - SCRUMBAGS: Zombie we need more neo support buddy 👍👍👍
  • Oddiosanto: No, ni asi se acabe el mundo las criptomonedas seran esa primera opción de momento
  • - Seahlilly: I never touched algo... Lol.. love it. what is the cheapest cryptocurrency to mine$)
  • Kim Karouti: There is a fake binance phish, if u google binance it is the first result
  • - Dan Peterozki: Thanks very much...... This really usefull informative knowledgeable quality content..... again thank you so much!
  • Rush Rayder: Introduciendo " /1 " o " /2 " where can i buy cryptocurrency iota!
  • -- RubyyyY ZZz: Bee Token ROI . -99.94%
  • Nicegirl0350: But actually funding fees doesn't go to binance goes to users ..longs pay shorts or shorts pay long ...
  • -- Arthur Che: .....nothing. Like always in the crypto space FOMO on a announcement then straight nothing on launch.
  • Zaineb Daoud: And then Asians in the morning are doing their best to stabilise it before it crashes down
  • -- Jashan Preet: Yes please to the webinar..
  • Julia Redii: But it might be lower or higher are cryptocurrencies illegal in south korea!
  • - Ndi EKWERE: QuaI é a musiquinha da vinheta?